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Below are some examples of we've used a variety of our services to create/update multiple facets of client brands.

Clergy Life Coaching

Clergy Life Coaching case study portfolio image

Services used: Graphic Design (Clergy Life Planners - printed and digital; sales sheets); eCommerce site setup; digital marketing (full-service email newsletters)

The Office Coworking Space

The Office Coworking Space case study portfolio image

Services used: Graphic Design (logo, print advertisements, price sheets/flyers, business cards); website; 360 Tour

In Our Hands

In Our Hands case study portfolio image

Services used: Graphic Design (logo, business cards, rack cards, journals, trip handout advertisements); website; digital marketing (full-service email newsletters)

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Below are some examples of a variety of client graphic design and print work we've done. In some case we furnished the .pdfs for the client to print or send to their printer; other times we've provided the finished printed piece using local printers we have a strong working relationship with.

graphic design - Healthy Habits Solutions logo & brochure

graphic design - Happier Healthier Hempworx - Charli King 1/4 page cards and flyers

graphic design - Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce Winter Walk booklets, advertisements

Below are some 360-photography virtual tours we have set up for clients.